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Weather Modification

ASI EB-00-038-1H
End Burning Flare Rack

ASI End Burning Flare Rack with optional Hygroscopic Adapter

ASI EJ-05-102-1S
Solid State Ejectable Flare Rack

ASI Ejectable Flare Rack for Aircraft Belly Mount

Solid State Controllers

Mark II

The Mark II is custom built and designed to accommodate each customers requirements and aircraft.

The employees at ASI have worked hard to bring you the best in design and technology available in the manufacturing of these units.

Aero Systems has been involved in weather research and modification activities since it was formed in 1974 by William J. Carley. For over thirty years ASI has provided the design, manufacturing and installation of weather modification and research equipment and personnel for numerous customers throughout the United States and all over the world. ASI has successfully modified various types of single engine and twin engine, turbo prop and jet aircraft here at our facility in Erie, Colorado. From planning to the installation we work closely with our customers to ensure satisfaction.

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Aero Systems and its' respected personnel have professional capabilities in the design, procurement, installation, and maintenance of weather modification and research equipment. ASI manufactures flare racks, generators, and firing-control systems adaptable to most aircraft types. All of the racks and generators are designed for strength and safety, bolting directly to structural members of the aircraft.

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